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Winn For Colorado

Make your choice loud and clear by standing with an individual who is ready to change things around and help you lead the perfect life.

About Dr. Charlie Winn

Charlie has lived in Colorado for more than 25 years. He's a former Navy Flight Surgeon, Physician, and Radiologist, so he brings first-hand experience to the most important issue for Coloradans: Healthcare- from COVID-19 Response to Insurance.


The vision of the future comes close to providing a stable form of healthcare, better education, and all the required tools that lead to an individual's development.


Achieving our vision requires us to work with the people and understand their problems as we look towards identifying areas where change is the ultimate weapon of choice.


The value system that drives us forward tends to be close to the one that speaks for the overall development and guarantees an individual the basic rights they deserve.

Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District Needs a Doctor

From Boulder to Fort Collins, Broomfield to Evergreen, across Estes Park to Kremmling, down to Vail, Breckenridge and Bailey, the COVID-19 pandemic and response hurts. 

Especially Focused On


A secure future is one that understands the needs of the people and looks towards solving problems with ease. In order to achieve that, we need to start today, and we need to start together. Part of this commitment to the future will be to focus on supporting local businesses like Junk Removal Alpharetta, so they can support the economy.


A valuable system of healthcare tends to come on board when we begin to analyze problems and provide the kind of care and support that it deserves. So starting from now, we are ready to meet all kinds of challenges. 


Providing jobs is not a promise that can be made without observing the current situation. However, it is an assurance that can be made when you look into the economy and are confident about the different ways to help people get a better future.

Latest Updates

Coloradans Win with Winn COVID-19 Reopening

Yes, that’s right. Colorado and Winn are ready to shake things up and help
everyone wake from the nightmare that was caused by the pandemic. So come forward
and lend your support to the system that is going to care for you. If you need political signs can make them for you.