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Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District and Elections

Colorado's 2nd Congressional District

Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District is not just another place or a particular point on a map. It is located in north-central Colorado and also includes Clear Creek, Larimer, Gilpin, Broomfield, and Summit countries. Apart from that, specific portions of Jefferson, Boulder, Eagle, Park, and Weld countries are also located in this district and fall into the same scene. While the current representative is Joe Neguse, the elections did not always seem to place him as the winner. So to give you a better idea of the same, here’s a quick recap of elections in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.

Elections 2020

The general election candidates for 2020 were lined from the Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, and Unity Party. While Joe Neguse was the incumbent from the Democratic Party, Thom Atkinson contested from the Libertarian Party, Charles Winn from the Republican Party, and Gary Swing from the Unity Party. While a few individuals were hoping to view Charles Winn seal victory, the result left them all shocked. Joe Neguse emerged the winner and took hold of everything.

Since he emerged successfully in the Democratic party elections, people were expecting him to do the same with the elections that were going to be held in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.

Elections 2020

Elections 2018

The elections that took place in 2018 saw a similar result that went on to remain with Joe Neguse. Having taken over 60% of votes, Joe Neguse had done all that was possible to conceal victory and take over things in style. Due to that, he also ended up defeating Peter Yu, Nick Thomas, Roger Barris, and so on. Like 2020, Joe Neguse once again emerged successful in the Democratic primary elections and managed to take charge. As a result of his popularity, Neguse ended up gaining more votes than Mark Williams to be the face of the Democrats.

Elections 2018

While the results of 2020 and 2018 provide a clear path for Joe Neguse, things were not always the same. The incumbent Jared Polis was the candidate from the Democrats, and he managed to win with a vote share of 56.9%. As a result, he ended up beating Nicholas Morse of the Republican party and also Richard Longstreth of the Libertarian Party. Due to these results, many believed to see the same in 2018 as they were convinced that Jared Polis would get back to things. However, he did not, and history has spoken it’s tales already.


Elections and the kind of results that they bring out are specifics that we have to face. So leading with example and placing your valuable votes on someone you can trust is the right way to go about getting things done for the better.

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