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The Charlie Winn’s Take of 2020

Charlie Winn’s

We have all heard about the adventures of Charlie Winn and how he prepared to provide residents with a new view of life. Based on his experience serving as a navy doctor and a longtime physician, Charlie Winn managed to get clarity of life and the many things he has to do to make it right. Due to all that, he ran to become the U.S House representative for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. So to give a brief idea about all that took place in the past, here’s a quick recap of things.

Partisan Biases

Rise Above Partisan Biases

One of the many things that Charlie Winn focused on was to convince politicians and residents to rise above their partisan biases. He saw this as an important requirement and pushed forward the idea on a large scale. Since he also acknowledged the need to work together, people were convinced about all he was talking about. Moreover, he also spoke about convincing the left-leaning region to open themselves to new ideas and explore the same.


Winn’s experience was a topic of discussion, with many being proud of all that he has achieved and all that he faced. As a California native, Winn grew up in a U.S Army family and moved to Japan in 1948. Since his father was stationed there after WWⅡ, he had to move from one place to another. Due to that, soon after Japan, Winn moved to Germany, New York, and even the Deep South. Apart from that, Winn had also studied philosophy in Germany and was later enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.

Winn’s Vision

Charlie Winn has always spoken about his interest in the large-scale federal bureaucracy and voiced his support for programs like personalized health care options. Since this program was known to provide a better form of flexibility to patients and how they get their care, he considered it a huge requirement. Moreover, Winn also spoke about how he does not care about costs as long as Americans managed to receive better healthcare.

Apart from health, Winn’s vision also led to education and wanted to provide families with better flexibility when choosing their children’s education. Providing more options for kids and securing the future is what he wanted the most, and he was always talking about how he would get things done.

Covid-19 & BLM

Covid-19 & BLM

Moving forward with his vision, Winn had a lot to say about the current events that took place in 2020. Apart from being upset about how the country was dealing with Covid-19, Winn had also shared his thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement. While he spoke about ways to deal with racism, he went on to say that rioting, destruction, and killing will not solve anything.

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